Become a Cub and do heaps of exciting indoor and outdoor activities! There are outdoor adventures like camping, bushwalking, outdoor cooking, sailing, expeditions, and helping your community. You can learn traditional Scout skills such as tying knots and using a compass to find your way around. You’ll also visit exciting places, play cool games, even help others to ‘do their best’, and learn what to do in an emergency. There are badges to earn, including the Cub Award Badges (by doing activities on Emergency preparedness, social and life skills, community, outdoors, and New Experiences) and personal interest badges such as cycling, computer, swimming, fishing and photography and many more.


When you join Cubs you’ll become a member of a group called a ‘Six’, who are Year 3 to Year 6 at school. You might feel a bit shy to start with, but soon you’ll know that the other Cubs are just like you and they all want to enjoy themselves, have fun, make new friends and learn heaps of new things.


So, come on . . . . join Cubs and have lots of fun, explore new things, make new friends, experiment, accept challenges, and experience the life of being a Cub.